Testimonial 1

From the first contact, Business DeveloPPer Company impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We needed an effective solution to the problem of closing business deals. By taking Business DeveloPPer as our partner, we have been able to consistently increase closing business deals.

Because of its years of experience and worldwide commercial coaching expertise, Business DeveloPPer Company has been able to provide Berkeley Interior Design Limited with best in class in Personnel Development Services. From their state of the art Internet Client Access system to their helpful, knowledgeable, friendly staff, our experience with Business DeveloPPer Company confirms to us that we have partnered with true leaders in the global Personnel Development Industry.

Trevor Read

Co founder and MD

Testimonial 2

Dear Semo,

Good afternoon. I spoke with you lately, regarding Increasing Personal Effectiveness for me and my staff, and I am more than happy to state that this is one of the most highly received support and ranks above expectation than any others previous training. We had the opportunity to learn our Behaviour Style as well as others that you with on a consistent basis. We evaluate each support we had from your company for ROI (Return On Investment) and I must tell you the results of your personal development coaching are impeccable.

I am able now to measure my return on investment with these services we bought from you, through positive feedback and persons continually asking me to offer it more often. It deals with the work and family life balance and raises the awareness factor for each participant. It also covered communication issues, making everyone accountable for their own actions and so forth with clients and colleagues.

Michelle Malam

Co Founder and MD

Testimonial 3

When I first saw The Business DeveloPPer Services, I was blown away by its potential as a personnel development tool. Its uniqueness and originality combined with its creative and interactive process, makes it ideal to use at all levels in our sales training process, from the basic to the complex and from the general to the specific. The support we received from Business DeveloPPer creates the ideal competitive yet non-threatening environment where learning occurs naturally and coaching becomes fun. Any organisation serious about creating dramatic, sustainable increases in sales performance owes it to itself to explore the potential of these incredible services.

Catherine Diamond

Personnel Development Director

Human Resources Manager

Testimonial 4

Business Developper is a great support in Business Management. I have gained a tremendous benefit from Business Developper coaching. I secured this year increase in my salary with 10%. Also improved in communication with my superiors, and build a trust in management skills and time management.

The benefit did not stay at work; it has also improved my family life. The stress of balancing family life and work has reduced dramatically, and it is under my control now.

I would recommend the Business Developper services to all managers that work both in small and medium size companies. The benefit is great and your life with change to the better.

Mrs Ikram Alaoui

Quality Assurance Director

La Maroccan Vie, Casablanca Morocco

Testimonial 5

Business Developper has supported me in my difficult time in managing my company. I have benefit from the support mainly on Human Resources, where I built a good trust between me as the manager and owner of the business with my employees. The production has increased with a fraction of the cost including salaries.

Time management all over the company was an issue, but with the help of the Business Developper, every task in the operation department is timed and scheduled with the logistics of the company. Now the company operation is running like a clock, thanks to the Business developer. I wish I had new Business Developper earlier when I started my business.

I would recommend the Business Developper to all Business Owners and Managers.

Jamal Makhloufi

Managing Director and Owner

Prothesist, Casablanca Morocco

Jamal Makhloufi